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Art Without Frontiers
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Manasa-Art Without Frontiers was inaugurated in 1995 by Bharat Ratna Pt. Ravi Shankar and registered Sept 29, 2018 with three trustees, founding trustee Sharon Lowen, Kamalini Dutt and Naresh Kapuria. It aims to facilitate the intersections between visual, performing and other art forms, both traditional and contemporary. Acquainting a younger generation and the general public with the harmonious rich cultural heritage of India while providing kal-ke-kalakars with training and platforms to develop and share their artistic expression.


Offering understanding, appreciation and training via educational outreach to urban and rural youth in Indian classical performing arts Sanskriti is a primary focus, with free or subsidized classes, lecture-demonstrations, performances, seminars, exhibitions to make the Trust activities available to all social and economic sectors of society, as well as specially-abled. Vedanta and Buddhist Philosophy activities are also supported and offered by Manasa-Art Without Frontiers.

Manasa-Art Without Frontiers also collaborates with schools and colleges in sharing cultural heritage. The Manasa-Art Without Frontiers Facebook page has been sharing articles on dance and related subjects written by founder Sharon Lowen. We look forward to expanding in breadth and depth in sharing the visual and performing arts to meet the needs of the wider community.

Our Objectives

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Training, seminars, workshops, lecture-demonstrations, performances & festivals to promote the arts - transmission of tradition and moving the arts forward.

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Connecting the dots between visual and performing arts, as well as traditional & contemporary art forms. 

Our Trustees

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